Kalecki Foundation is an independent Polish think tank established in Warsaw in 2014. The Foundation’s main aim is to broaden the public debate on economic policy in Poland by promoting views and approaches that are currently not represented in the mainstream macroeconomic discourse. We reach out to heterodox economic theories (post-keynesian, institutional, behavioural) to explain the processes happening in the contemporary economy. We place emphasis on the importance of empirical approach, combining the methods of economic research with analytical tools provided by other social sciences (sociology, history, law). We are particularly interested in the following topics: the relationship between state regulations and economic development, the political nature of economics as well as the challenge of socio-economic inequality.

We want to promote solutions for sustainable economic development, alleviation of socioeconomic inequalities, high-quality and accessible public services, and better working conditions in Poland. We intend to strengthen the condition of civil society and facilitate social progress. We believe that the definition of prosperity should not be narrowed to technical economic indicators, and also needs to include other factors that reflect real improvements in the quality of life.

Kalecki Foundation initiates and carries out research projects, conducts analyses, publishes reports, organizes conferences and seminars. To increase the social awareness of economic issues, the Foundation aims to popularize both its own research projects as well as those undertaken by experts and institutions which share our perspective on economic affairs. Our Foundation aims to establish a network of experts and professionals who have similar research approach and a passion for the economy. We invite to collaboration academics, researchers, professionals, students and all other individuals and organizations interested in current debates on social and economic policy. Fundacja Kaleckiego jest niezależnym think tankiem, założonym w 2014 roku w Warszawie.

We believe that the participation in public discussions on economic policy should not be restricted to narrow circles of formally educated economists. The ongoing debate on the relationship between the state and the economy needs to be held in a more democratic way allowing citizens and the general public to take part in it alongside economists and other experts.

We believe that the legacy of Michał Kalecki, especially his country-specific approach to economic problems, his regard for specificities of developing and emerging countries and the attention that he paid to the problem of unemployment could be helpful in shaping economic policy in contemporary Poland and Europe.

Michał Kalecki

The Foundation is named after Michał Kalecki (1899-1970), a Polish macroeconomist whose ideas have exerted a lasting influence on the post-war economic order in the Western Europe and the United States. A precursor of the concept of effective demand, Kalecki advocated the paramount role of investment over savings in economic growth. He espoused an active role of the state in tackling unemployment and containing variations of economic cycles. An engineer by training, Kalecki was one of the first macroeconomists to apply mathematical modeling to economic issues. His research was intimately related to that of John M. Keynes up to the point that some ideas classified today as Keynesianism were developed by Kalecki before Keynes but remained less known in the English-speaking world due to their language of publication. Even though Kalecki is considered one of the most distinguished economists of the 20th century, his presence in the Polish economic discourse has been hitherto limited.